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Wolfsburg Sign  (WB01)

Wolfsburg Sign (WB01)

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Wolfsburg Factory Road Sign

Taking inspiration from real German road signs.

A3 (ish) size.


If youre anything like us you like those old school patina'd out signs you see online... if you're also like us you dont wanna pay the £££££ they command. 

So then youre stuck looking at those shiny "photo on a bit of metal" reproduction / repop signs which lack the depth and finish of the old ones. 

Thats where these fit in, essentially we've made our own


We take our original artwork and print it onto 0.5mm aluminium sheets, and then we go to town. 

They're all finished by hand, we use various techniques to get the patina spot on... they've got dinks & dents, scuffs and scratches and you're probably thinking "aluminium doesn't rust"... it doesn't so we use some special coatings to give it a real rusty finish. 

These are all ONE of ONE owing to the way they're manufactured. 

The one you buy is the one you get. 

All come pre drilled in each corner and ready to go.